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In the deveolpment of products there are many different Problems to solve, properties to optimize and pitfalls to overcome.

For a long development process there can be high costs involved, especially for multiple iterations of prototypes, callbacks or warranty claims.
Often these topics can be perceived beforhand, but might be overlooked in long a development.

External reviews can bring a new perspective and approaches to solutions or can uncover potential problems.
Especially virtual product development is a prime tool to prove products in an early development stage.

Virtual Product Development with touchpoints in the development cycles

New point of views open up for different user strategies and uncover blind spots, so a product can be perfected in every aspect.
New solutions as result of a new way of thinking, fitted to your requirements, framed by your context.

Contact us, if you would like to have a second perspective on your challenges!

After some years with our current design we are moving towards a rebranding. Come visit us with our new design on

Ten years ago our founder was activ as Technical Director in the Formula Student Team of the University of Erlangen. IT was quite a succesfull year for the team with a couple of trohies:

Tropies from Formula Student Germany 2011 Audi Best Lightweight Concept Award & Formula Student Austria 2011 Overall 2nd, Engineering Design 1st Place